Mêda Municipality contains castles and other historical remains, and Marialva is the epicenter of the county’s distinction, since it is one of the Historical Villages of Portugal.

In landscape terms, the panoramas can be distinguished from the viewpoints of Santa Bárbara, in the Coriscada, and of Paipenela, the Castle of Marialva, the Dam of Ranhados and the Clock Tower of Mêda.

The image of the almond blossoms of Longroiva and Fontelonga, in February and March, will surely be engraved in the memory.

From these places, between granite mounds and spontaneous vegetation, there are three magnificent castles: Ranhados, Longroiva and Marialva, the latter with four towers.

Inescapable testimonies of the historical importance of these lands in the struggles and battles of the Middle Ages.  

The inhabitants of Meda and the beautiful surrounding villages have perpetuated the ancient utensils and delicious handmade  avors of the Beira gastronomy that they do not forget to make on the days of pilgrimage of their saints and patrons.

Its most valuable heritage also encompasses the centuries-old arts of working wicker, wool, linen, clay or metal, timeless crafts and know-how to which are added the recipes of corn, sweet potatoes and donut from the knee of its

rich and delicious regional sweets.